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Jewell W. Sloan, PhD

Assistant Professor, Emeritus, Department of Anesthesiology, College of Medicine, University of Kentucky


While reading the book I concluded that Dr. Polansky has presented an interesting and potentially useful theory for predicting the origin of a variety of chronic diseases. This book, however, is not an easy read without background material. Having said that, I think the book is intriguing, convincing and supported by evidence. I think others have had somewhat similar ideas concerning other disease states but not with regard to microcompetition with foreign DNA (cf Martin, William R. Ass. Res. Nerv. Ment. Dis. 46:206-225, 1968). I think the book could prove useful in generating ideas for experimental approaches in the area of both acute and chronic pain and will probably stimulate a different approach to research in many chronic diseases.

I don't think the book would be suitable for a medical textbook but will be useful to professors in preparing lectures and as adjunct reading for some graduate students, Postdocs, and researchers in drug discovery and medical research. For sure, I will continue to study this book and to share it with my colleagues.


Dr. Jewell W. Sloan received a B.S. in Anatomy & Physiology and a PhD in Pharmacology, both from the University of Kentucky. She spent many years in research with the NIMH in the area of the pharmacodynamics of drug abuse (mainly opioids) and later with the NIDA Addiction Research Center in Lexington, Kentucky under the Directorship of Harris Isbell, MD, and later William R. Martin, MD. When the Addiction Research Center moved to Baltimore, Dr. Sloan elected to stay in Lexington and retired as a Supervisory Research Chemist. She then joined the Department of Pharmacology (William R. Martin, MD, Chair) at the University of Kentucky, obtained a PhD, and received a faculty appointment as an Assistant Professor. She later joined the University of Kentucky's Department of Anesthesiology where she served as Director of Research for seven years before retiring and obtaining an Emeritus appointment two years ago. Dr. Sloan's research at the University of Kentucky continued in the area of drug abuse, focusing on nicotine and the dependency producing properties of the sedative hypnotics (mainly benzodiazepines) and studies of drugs and drug combinations useful in the treatment of acute and chronic pain in male and female subjects. Dr. Sloan has over 80 publications in peer reviewed journals and book chapters where she is the author or co-author and over 85 abstracts.


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